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gop_christians's Journal

A Place for Republicans and Christians
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This is a community for Republican Christians. Our previous communities were hijacked by Sbressi, who is a liberal and does't care for christians. We are not hateful of other religions. We accept others, but know who WE are. Join us!


1. NO liberals.
2. NO Democrats.
3. NO Anti-Bush.
4. NO Anti-Christian talk.
5. NO Pro-choice feminists.
6. NO Trolls.

We stand:

1. For re-integration of prayer in school.
2. Against racist groups. (Black power groups, etc.)
3. For increased border control.
4. Against abortion.
5. Against affirmative action.
6. Against the proliferation of drugs.

1. We allow free speech, to those who fit this community. This speech is unhindered. However, since free speech means that you have the right to speak, and if you aren't Christian and Republican, then you already have tons of ability to speak freely in every other place where we do not. Thus, only Christian Republicans have free speech here.
2. You can act and say as you want. This is not a debate community. This is a community so that we can be ourselves. WE are pressured and attacked by so many other people in the world and we need a place that we can relax, express our views and find like minded individuals.
3. This is not a hate community, but those who do hate, such as liberals and those like them, claim that we hate so they can try and dominate us and supress any kind of rational action. They are afraid of morality and listening to your conscience instead of being free to act in any manner that is even unbecoming to animals.
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